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Part of being a good athlete is being a well fueled athlete! 

to be a strong female athlete, it is so important that you are eating high quality food, in high quantities
Food is what gives you energy, helps your body repair, keeps your body balanced, and your brain functioning. 
Explore this page to learn more about what really goes on when you
eat to compete!

CARBOHYDRATES are the body's FAVORITE source source of energy. The body loves carbohydrates and breaks them down easily and efficiently. 

Athletes need lots of carbohydrates so that they can perform their best from start to finish of every game and practice. 

PROTEIN is known as the building blocks of life. Every time we exercise, our body experiences a little bit of damage. The body uses protein to build and rebuild the parts of our body that are impacted by exercise. 

Protein is a source of energy for the body but takes much longer to breakdown.


FATS are used to support the health of our cells, carry vitamins and minerals from place to place, and are the body's second favorite source of energy. 

Don't skip out on fats- they are really important in the function of our brain and organs!

WATER is what most of our body is made of.  It helps your body maintain it's healthiest state.

Water carries some nutrients from point A to point B, and helps you break down other nutrients. It cushions and protects your organs, joints, spinal chord and brain, and other soft tissues. 

Staying hydrated is necessary for optimal body function! 

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