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Macro Bento Boxes

A great way to energize before exercise or begin recovery after!

Macros refer to the main nutrient groups of Carbs, Fats & Protein.

All bento boxes can be changed to contain the things you love!

Get re-usable bento boxes here

Something Simple

- Whole wheat crackers

- Cheese 

- Strawberries & Grapes

- Carrots

Ready, set, Spread!

- Nut or Seed Butter

- Hummus

- Celery or Carrots

- Apples

- Whole grain crackers

She means business

- Chicken or Turkey 

- Cheese 

- Nuts or Seeds

- Apple Slices or Grapes

- Whole grain crackers

Miss Fancy Pants

- Caprese screwers (mozarella, tomato, basil)

- Avocado slices w/salt & pepper

- Nuts & Chocolate Chips

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